The February 20th Winter Medicinals and Tracking Walk was so much fun. Thanks very much to the 20+ visitors and community members who joined!

We learned all about winter medicinals and spotted some interesting animal tracks. We also sipped foraged tea and thoroughly appreciated one another’s company around the fire.

We are so grateful to our guides toino and anya, as well as our community members and neighbours Ian and Stephan who helped to clear snow ahead of time so that we could welcome everyone.

Biblioterre member Erin generously shared these images from the experience and her other time spent on the land. Here are some things she learned from the day: 

“Beavers form life long partnerships and spend winters in their dark and toasty (30 degrees) lodges.” 

“The tree gum that oozes out of coniferous trees is the way that the tree heals over any wounds and should be collected sparingly.”

We look forward to connecting again on the land in the coming seasons.

Curved, bob-sled looking passage of our otter friends.