May 8 was a day of meaningful connection with spring medicinals plant friends and the local community here at Biblioterre outside of Rupert in La Pêche. We learned about trillium,  hawthorn and dandelion, to name just a few.

Did you know that there are over 600 varieties of violets that spread all across the world? We hope you have been noticing their quiet and temporary presence wherever you find yourself.

The group of 35 learned from guides névé and anya about ethical harvesting, using your intuition, asking the plant permission and giving thanks.  Taking the time to notice how much of the plant is growing and in what condition to be sure you are not harvesting too much.

As we noted the state of the heavily-logged forest the Biblioterre community is trying to protect, we were also reminded to allow ourselves to find playful connection in nature rather than getting stuck in the assumption that we are always causing harm as humans. :heart: 

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Notes and photos courtesy of Biblioterre member Erin :heart::heart::heart: